Registering a Greyhound

Before a greyhound can be registered for racing with the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC), there are some essential documents which must be obtained:

Stud Book or Irish Coursing Club (ICC) Book

The greyhound stud book (British-bred dogs) must be registered in the name of the owner(s) wishing to register the hound. If not, a transfer of ownership form must be completed and signed by both the new and previous owners. For Irish hounds registered to the ICC, a transfer of ownership form must also be completed by both owners. The previous owners are required to sign on the right hand side of the form and the new owners are to complete and sign the left hand section. The NGRC do register greyhounds on behalf of the ICC at no extra charge.

NGRC Racing Certificate

These can be obtained at any NGRC racecourse. The form is fairly self-explanatory but it should be noted that, if the greyhounds have not been registered with the club previously, proof of identity and your address must be given. The racing manager will complete the diagrams in the space provided on the form. Each owner must sign the form in the appropriate place.

Inoculation certificates

Greyhounds should be inoculated at eight weeks followed by a second dose at twelve weeks and then given a booster every twelve months (after the initial inoculation) thereafter. These can be given by any veterinary surgeon. Racing greyhounds must be inoculated against:

  • Distemper
  • Viral Hepatitis
  • Leptospira canicola
  • Leptospira icterihaemorrhagiae
  • Parvovirus

Registration Procedure

The above documents must be taken to the chosen racecourse along with the appropriate fee (see below for details) and signed and approved by the Racing Manager. He/she will then take the greyhounds markings and create an NGRC Greyhound Identity & Race Record Book which will then be sent to the NGRC for verification. A greyhound cannot race until the NGRC has signed and stamped this book. The greyhound can be taken for its qualifying or ‘sealing’ trial the day after the stamped identity book is received and the hound is then ready for racing!

New owners will receive a welcome pack shortly after registering, detailing the rules of racing and introducing them to the world of greyhound racing and ownership. Any amendments to these will be shown on the NGRC website and NGRC racing calendar.


Registration/change of ownership is £25, while a change of registered name for the greyhound will require a £75 payment. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact the NGRC at:

Twyman House
16 Bonny Street
London, NW1 9QD

Tel – 020 7267 9256
Fax – 020 7482 1023
Email –